Do YOU Have Eggs-actly the Right Stuff?

Do YOU Have Eggs-actly the Right Stuff?

Dear Neighbors & Friends of the Farmers Market,

Fathers Day is June 17. Every year at this time I like to think about what it means to be a father; maybe you like to think about that too.

A father is a good egg who always volunteers to teach you right from wrong and how to be strong. A father sets you on a path of good actions that lasts for your entire life.

The best thing you can give your father on this special holiday is the knowlege that you have carried out his very valuable teachings and have become the best person you can be.

And the best person you can be is…

…a Volunteer.

So whether you are a father or a mother, a sister or a brother, the Upper 9th Ward Farmers Market looking for YOU. The Market is leading the charge to revitalize the commerce of the storm-torn 9th Ward. But we can’t do it alone. Please call the office at 482-5722 today, and become a Good Egg Market Volunteer.