Volunteer with DNMC

The markets are growing, and we need your help!

The Upper and Lower Ninth Ward Markets are held weekly, and opportunities for volunteers abound. Want to get a fun behind-the-scenes look at how the markets work? Want to contribute to the community? Join the DNMC Market Krewe!

The DNMC Market Krewe helps staff personnel with a variety of farmers market tasks. Volunteers are asked to work for a minimum of three hours a week or one market a week, whichever suits your schedule.

Tasks may include:

Market Set Up – helping vendors get started, sign posting, tent & table set-up, etc
DNMC Market Booth “manning” – helping sell merchandise, inviting members to join, general “gopher” jobs
Sign Making – We’ve got blank palettes ready for your creativity! Volunteers are needed to make attractive signage to get the word out about the markets
Flier Distribution – Fliering in the neighborhood, coffee shops, businesses, and meeting places
Street Signage Placement – this is a good one for buddies, one to drive, and one to jump and run to put out and take back signs on neutral grounds before and after the markets
Market Break Down – Gotta clean up! Help staff break down the tents and tables and do a little pickin’ up after the markets close
“Fridays on the Roch” – Manager Kina could use a hand with similar jobs to the market positions (set up, break down, fliering, signage,etc.) once a month. Roch on!
Talent Scout – We’re always looking for new vendors, entertainment, guests, and more. Do you have a knack for networking? This job’s for you!

Staff will teach you as you go, and there are multiple jobs available for everyone. Seniors and students are welcome! So, If you want to join the Krewe, please contact us at (504) 482-5722 or at [email protected] for more information. We’d love to have you with us!