Lower 9th Ward Market Opens With Blessings

Lower 9th Ward Market Opens With Blessings

Sunday November 12, 2006 Downtown Neighborhood Market Consortium opened our first Farmers Market at St. David’s Church on St. Claude Avenue in the Lower 9th Ward. Father Joe Campion, of St. David’s, offered blessings on the market (pictured). He also invited us to move the market out onto St. Claude Avenue instead of the parking lot behind the church.

Since the first Sunday, we’ve had markets weekly (except for Thanksgiving weekend). For a brand new market in a neighborhood missing most of its inhabitants we’ve had good turnout, despite blustery weather and Saints games competing for peoples’ time on Sunday afternoons.

Check it out for yourself! Join us at the market.

Media Coverage:

Lolis Elie of the Times-Picayune came out and wrote a great article on the market that you can read here: Market Brings Fuel for Rebirth

David Aman with the Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance visited the market and produced an excellent short video on the market called Lower 9th Ward Market Video on YouTube.com