Chef Ashbell’s September Caribbean Lunch is Cool, Mon!

Chef Ashbell’s September Caribbean Lunch is Cool, Mon!

New Orleans has, throughout her long history, been the “Queen City” or the capital of the Caribbean. The movement of people also meant movement of food. Because of the great love of good food in this city, everyone from every corner of the globe who has something good to eat was welcome at the table.

This month we return to Jamaica for its spicy and delicious curry goat; a dish that has lots of history and multi-cultures in every bite you take. The main flavor comes from the male goat seasoned with Indian curry, helped along with the flavor of the scotch bonnet pepper (similar to a habenero). The scotch bonnet is cooked whole in the pot for the fruity pepper flavor. Many cooks in Africa as well as the Caribbean burst open the pepper after it’s cooked to release the juices, seeds and flesh for a dose of spicy heat! Chayote (known in these parts as mirliton) with potatoes, carrots, fresh thyme and garlic round Roti Breadout the dish.

The curry addition comes to the dish from India. Indians were brought to Jamaica after the slave trade was abolished to provide cheap labor, and they made a great contribution to the food. Curry goat is eaten in 2 ways, with rice and peas, or with Roti; the flat Indian bread, famous in the Caribbean as their version of the Po’Boy, stuffed with curry goat stew.

So, come on down to the Upper 9th Market on September 20th and get your self a delicious plate of history!

The lunch is available from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

FYI: The Market runs on Saturdays, at Holy Angels Parking Lot, 3500 St. Claude Avenue, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Chef Ashbell’s Caribbean Menu:

Louisiana Raised Jamaican Style Curry Goat
Jamaican Rice & Peas
Festival Bread (Fried Bread that’s close to a hush puppy but better!)
Roasted Creole Tomato Salad
Corn Meal Cake with Smothered Peaches