Recipe of the Month

Chef Ashbell’s Watermelon Drinks

How to “Juice” A Watermelon:

Take one large Louisiana sweet watermelon, cut into pieces that are easy to put in your blender (I leave the seeds in) using the pulse button for ten seconds until pulp is liquid. Repeat until all of the pulp is liquid.

Using a kitchen sieve or fine strainer, pour in the juiced pulp until you only have juice.

Guard this with your life, as juiced watermelon is addictive.

So if you have lots of people at your BBQ, then juice, juice, juice.

Keep plenty of watermelon juice on hand for the whole summer!

Watermelon Spritzer

5 oz. Watermelon Juice

2 oz. Ginger Ale

Serve in cold champagne glasses

Ashbell’s Real Watermelon Martini

2 oz. Vodka (or white whiskey-the kind you make)

2 oz. Watermelon Juice

Stir but don’t shake, chill and strain into a martini glass or serve over crushed ice in a tumbler